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Chakradance Daily Practice

Chakradance Daily Practice

… and will come back to the dances and meditations again and again, as what nicer way to connect to and unblock our chakras than through music and dance.

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By surrendering to the music of each chakra, we dance from the inside out and find ourselves awakening and healing ancient hurts; expressing – often for the …

Find A Chakradance Class

Find a Chakradance class

Chakra healing · Join a Chakradance class · Find a Chakradance class · Our story · The Team · BALI 2022 · Shop · FREE · Contact · Login · Members Area.

Chakradance Discovery

Training Certificate One

Introductory Discovery Experience to try out the Chakradance Facilitator Training.

Facilitator Training Chakradance

How to become a qualified Chakradance Facilitator.

Chakradance Wellbeing With Mia


CHAKRADANCE is not about steps or performance; you dance with your eyes closed in a darkened room. It’s more like a dynamic, moving meditation. It’s completely …

Chakradance Classes

Join a Chakradance class

Details of Chakradance classes, courses and workshops; the “sacred space”; the holistic inner healing practice and how chakra dance dynamic moving …

Welcome To Chakradance


Chakradance is a holistic healing, moving meditation and well-being practice, using music, dance, chakras and mandala art creation: classes, courses, …

Chakradance How To Open Move Heal And Balance The 7 Chakras

Your 7 major chakras each have their own energy, their own rhythm, vibe, music, dance …

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